Walsh Media has long been recognised as one of Australia’s leading niche boutique publishers. Our name and brand is synonymous with quality, and we are committed to providing our clients with quality publishing solutions – first time, every time. Today, Walsh Media has expanded to provide a full publishing service, from design and print to an online presence.

From its core strength as a magazine publisher, Walsh Media can provide you with a complete publishing solutions including:

  • Hardcopies
    • Magazines
    • Yearbooks
    • Planners
    • Event Program Guides
  • Online magazines
  • Website presence. We recognise that the way people want to receive communications varies. That’s why we’ve helped many of our clients expand their publications to include a web presence and/or online publication.


  • Well-read, Well-researched, Professional publications.
  • Experienced publisher with a proven track-record.
  • Multi-industry expertise unmatched by our rivals.
  • Single manager oversees all aspects of production.
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